Wood Finishing 

BV Fine Finishing Services LLC specializes in wood refinishing. Wood Refinishing is the delicate process of removing the color & finish that already exists on any particular piece of wood flooring, furniture or piece. We sand the wood down until it removes all deep scratches and bumps. When this process is complete, the wood will look like new because our wood refinishing service brings the wood to its original feature, making it look like brand new! BV Fine Finishing Services LLC takes great pride in our wood refinishing services because nothing brings a home more value than a fine wood refinishing, but sometimes all the wood needs is a little bit of touching up. Contact BV Fine Finishing Services LLC today to ask about our Wood Refinishing service!

When it comes to wood refinishing, we not only restore the wood to its original feature and look, we go the extra mile for you. We also recondition the wood to help restore it as if it were brand new, freshly installed. Our expert craftsmen have a fine eye to help fill in or remove any scratches, blemishes, stains, nicks and dents that may appear on your wood flooring, furniture or piece after years of use. Contact us today to ask about our wood refinishing service.