Custom Color Matching

BV Fine Finishing Services LLC are experts in color-matching any newly added or repaired piece of woodwork. We have the knowledge and experience to match any of your pre-existing or newly restored woodworks with stains and finishes. Throughout the years, we have become experts in color matching specified by our customers. You can rest easy knowing that we will get it right the first time in matching the color and stains that YOU want. In the past, we have made our customers happy in transforming their home into the house of their dreams. Whether you need to match the brown in chestnut, the purple in eggplant, the red on fire truck, the green in lettuce, it doesn’t matter. BV Fine Finishing Services LLC has got you covered! Call us today to ask for a free quote on our custom color matching services. Don’t delay!

Whether you are looking to match the color of a room with any existing color, or may you wish to simply blend the existing color with other elements, BV Fine Finishing Services LLC can do it all! We offer a wide variety of woodwork or furniture matching and blending options. We work with wallpaper, furniture, drapes, carpets, paintings, pottery, you name it! Our in-house experts are great at reading a room and identifying what needs to go where and what needs to match with this or that. The sky really is the limit with BV Fine Finishing Services LLC! Call or click today to speak with one of our representatives and ask about getting a free quote! It all begins with that! Call BV Fine Finishing Services LLC today!