Touch Ups

BV Fine Finishing Services LLC will expertly repair scratches recondition of damaged wood surfaces, such as flooring, walls or furniture. Our touchup service experts repair wood surfaces by removing any visible scratches or damages. Our specialized techniques and extensive knowledge of different types of wood and natural colors combine the materials and techniques needed to match the grain of the already existing veneer or solid wood. Place your trust with all of your valuable wood interiors and furniture to our expert team at BV Fine Finishing Services LLC. You’ll be glad you did! Contact us today to schedule a free quote!

An essential factor that BV Fine Finishing Services LLC offers you is protection on your capital investments. BV Fine Finishing Services LLC understands that all wood finishings in your home, whether its your floors or furniture, gives your home substantial value. BV Fine Finishing Services LLC can offer maintenance services that can help you plan the preservation of your fine wood surfaces of your home or establishment. We can work with you to help maintain its beauty and freshness. Our craftsmen have the knowledge and training to execute field finishing including repair, scratch removal, reconditioning, polishing, refinishing and preventive maintenance. Call or contact BV Fine Finishing Services LLC today and schedule a quote with us, today!