Piano Refinishing

BV Fine Finishing Services LLC is home to some of the leading experts regarding piano finishing and restoration services. We understand that a piano is a grand piece for any home as it brings a certain beauty and life to its surroundings. A piano can also be a task to maintain and if it goes without maintenance for too long, it will need restoration and servicing. Whether it’s exterior fixes of dents, scratches or blemishes or interior work needed for tuning or restoration of the wood on the inside, BV Fine Finishing Services LLC can handle the job! We make sure to inspect all aspect of your piano and when problem areas arise, we repair or replace those affected areas. Whether it’s the soundboard, the bridge, the pin block, the action and keyboard or any of the other vital parts of the piano, BV Fine Finishing Services LLC will be able to detect the defects and restore you piano like new! Call BV Fine Finishing Services LLC today to schedule a free quote to have your piano inspected!

BV Fine Finishing Services LLC has worked with many name brand pianos and has restored many in all of their years. We have finished and restored pianos made by Baldwin, Bosendorfer, Chickering, Kimball, Knabe, Mason and Hamlin, Steinway & Sons, Weber, Yamaha and more! All of our piano restorations and finishes receive a complete set of new strings and a beautifully refinished cabinet. We will have it looking ( and sounding ) just as beautiful as you once had it the day you first purchased it off the store. BV Fine Finishing Services LLC takes great pride in our piano restoration and finishing services so contact us today and we’ll be in touch to inspect your piano! We look forward to hearing from you!